The following frequently asked questions are the most common queries we are asked in relation to the extremely popular Wetrooms Online WetBase™ wet room floor base tray and kit.
If after reading these FAQ’s your question/query has not been answered in full please call our wet room experts on 0151 608 8011 for further help.

Q: What is the difference between a centre drain and offset drain?

A: A WetBase™ with a centre drain has the drain aperture located midway between both the long and short edges.
With an offset drain the drain aperture is located in the centre of the width or short edge of the base but is 450mm from one end of the base.The choice between an offset or centre drain is often determined by the need to avoid joists and/or to have the drain immediately below a shower head.
Please see the WetBase™ plan diagrams in the product descriptions for the exact location of the drain in each WetBase™ size.


Q: What is the difference between a linear drain (WetBase™ Linear) and a standard drain (WetBase™ Standard)?
Unlike a WetBase™ Standard that has a square shaped drain the WetBase™ Linear has an oblong (linear) drain that runs along most of the edge of the WetBase™.  The drain cover can be reversed on the WetBase™ Linear to allow the cover to be tiled to match the rest of the floor. A linear Wetbase may be best where joists present an obstacle to drainage because the water can be drained from any one of three locations along the length of the drain. It may also be chosen for its appearance and fit with the style of the rest of the room.


Q: Does the WetBase™ need to cover the whole floor?
No, the WetBase™ only needs to cover the showering area. There is no need to place a WetBase™ other than where the shower is to be positioned.

Q: Can the WetBase™ be used for showering in a wheelchair or other point loading device?
No the WetBase™ is not designed for point loading and cannot therefore be used for showering in conjunction with a wheelchair. There are products which are designed for showering in a wheelchair or similar and  our call centre staff will be happy to advise.

Q: Can the WetBase™ be trimmed to size?
Yes, a maximum of 50mm may be trimmed off each edge using a hand saw. Equal amounts must be removed from opposite edges. For example if you need to trim the WetBase™ by a total of 50mm in length, then 25mm should be taken off of both the lengths and not 50mm off one length alone.

Q: I have a concrete floor; can I still use the WetBase™?
A: Yes, however you will need to either mount the WetBase™ on a raised platform (step-in) or create a channel in the concrete floor so that the drain and drain pipe can be accommodated.

Q: Can the WetBase™ be finished with vinyl flooring?
No the WetBase™ is only designed for a tiled flooring finish.

For a vinyl floor finish we we recommend the Impey AquaDec Easy Fit or AKW Tuff FormTuff Form.

Q: Do I need to support the underneath of the WetBase™?
Yes the WetBase™ needs to be supported underneath (under-boarding) prior to installation. This is to ensure it does not flex and induce cracking of the tile grout.

wetbase laying

Q: How do I connect the wetbase drain to the existing waste water pipe/system?
A: A standard 43mm (1 ½ inch) solvent weld waste pipe (available from DIY stores or plumbers merchants) is pushed firmly into the drain outlet of the drain supplied with the kit, this is secured with an appropriate solvent weld glue (available from DIY stores or plumbers merchants) and connected to the nearest soil pipe using standard jointing products. After allowing the weld sufficient time to set it is advised to test the connection by pouring a cup or two of water down the drain and checking for leaks BEFORE continuing with the fitting of the WetBase.

Q: What do you recommend for under-boarding?
We recommend that the WetBase™ is under-boarded using 18m marine ply panels placed between the joists or on a platform.

Please see the WetBase™ installation instructions for full details etc.

Q: Do I need to waterproof / tank the wet room / wet area?
A: Yes, the whole of the showering area and at least a further 300mm (splash zone) around the showering area needs to be fully tanked prior to tilling. We also recommend that the walls of the showering area are waterproofed prior to tiling.

Q: Do I need to waterproof the whole of the room?
No, you only need to waterproof the showering area and a further 300mm (splash zone) around the showering area. However if water is likely to ingress further into the room, then waterproofing a larger area is recommended to be on the safe side.

Q: Why do I need to board the rest of the floor before tiling?
There are a couple of reasons why the boarding of the remaining floor is required prior to tiling. Firstly after fitting the WetBase™ the floor will need to be raised by approximately 10mm (this will vary from installation to installation) to create a truly level, walk in showering area. Secondly you should never tile direct onto floor boards as this will allow water ingression causing structural issues over time and will also allow the tiles to move causing cracks further speeding up the water ingression process. By over-boarding the floor boards with insulated tile backer board or marine ply, and taping all joints and then tanking the marine ply (if used) a level, stable and waterproof floor is achieved ready for tiling.

Please see the WetBase™ installation instructions for full details etc.

Q: What is the maximum size tile that can be used with the WetBase™?
We recommend the use of mosaic tiles with the WetBase™ because their flexible backing sheet allows for the contours of the Wetbase to be followed ensuring the speedy drainage of water. . If you wish to use larger format tiles they will need to be cut with an ‘envelope’ cut to help maintain the fall to the drain. If in doubt please consult a professional tiler for advice.

Q: Can the WetBase™ be used with under-floor heating?
A: Yes the WetBase™ can be used with under-floor heating.
We recommend Warmup under-floor heating products.

Q: What depth is the drain / how much space does it require?
A: We ship the WetBase™ with the high quality Dallmer Fast Flow Drain. The total depth of the drain, below the base is 82mm.. The grate measures 140mm by 140mm.