Aqualisa Premier Collection including ilux Digital & HiQu Digital

The Aqualisa Premier Collection allows you to choose individual modular elements to design and create your own bespoke, personal showering or bathing experience.  Choose your perfect shower or bath system and be embraced by the effortless luxury and elegant simplicity of Aqualisa technology.

The Aqualisa premier collection consists of the below Aqualisa flagship digital products:


Aqualisa ilux Digital Shower:
Four programmable settings allow everyone to create their perfect shower, whilst choosing an ilux Digital divert will enable easy, straightforward switching between your choice of a luxurious drencher head and indispensable hand shower. ilux Digital showers also have an eco-setting, a handy pause button and can be switched on and off remotely.

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Aqualisa ilux Digital Bath:
Banish bath time guesswork with an ilux Digital bath fill.  Three programmable settings mean that whether it’s a long, hot soak or a shallow splash, you’ll be able to bathe at just the right temperature, with exactly the right amount of water.  For total convenience, fill your tub using the wireless remote control.

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aqualisa-ilux-digital-shower-bath Aqualisa ilux Digital Shower & Bath:
Enjoy the best of both worlds with ilux Digital Shower and Bath. Featuring Aqualisa’s clever digital diverter technology, switch effortlessly between your bath fill and shower head.  Practical, perfect for busy bath times and indispensable for families.

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Aqualisa HiQu Digital Shower:
Mix and match to create your perfect HiQu Digital shower. Opt for a HiQu Digital shower divert to allow simple, easy switching between your shower’s drencher head and a hand shower. Select from the Options range of shower heads and hand showers to make your HiQu Digital shower your own.

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hiqu-digital-bath Aqualisa HiQu Digital Bath:
Precision blended, thermostatic temperatures and just the right amount of water mean that with HiQu Digital bath, every bath time is bliss.  Select your temperature, choose from a full, half or shallow fill and simply press the button.  Then just watch the intuitive LED display on your HiQu Digital bath fill.  When the lights stop flashing, it’s time to put the plug in.

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hiqu-shower-bath Aqualisa HiQu Digital Shower & Bath:
Put practicality and convenience at your fingertips with a HiQu Digital shower and bath with digital diverter technology.  Switching between the bath fill and an adjustable shower head truly is simplicity itself.  Versatile, family-friendly showering and bathing at the touch of a button.

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Aqualisa Options Accessories & Shower Fittings
The above collections are complimented with the especially designed Options Accessories range:Explore the inspiring ‘Options’ range, a comprehensive selection of high quality accessories, to complete your perfect Aqualisa Premier Collection shower.

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About the Aqualisa Modular System

Both the ilux digital showers and ilux digital bath filler are modular systems; this means that you select individual elements such as shower head etc to fully customise your own system. We appreciate that this may be a little complicated for some installations so we have put together some of the most popular configurations that can be viewed here: ilux Digital Shower Complete or ilux Bath Complete.

If you would like to customise your own system or would like help or have any questions please call our experts on: 0151 608 8011.

Why buy Aqualisa Showers from Wetrooms Online?

We are a leading UK supplier of Aqualisa showers and one of a strictly limited number of Aqualisa Premier Collection Digital Shower suppliers. We have great expertise of Aqualisa showers, being not only suppliers of them but installers through our hugely successful bathroom design and installation business. If you are unsure of which Aqualisa shower or configuration is most suitable for your home please call us on 0151 608 8011 and allow our experts to guide you.