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Why choose a Wetroom?

Why choose a Wetroom?

Whether you're fed up of cleaning taps or want a sleek modern design that adds value to your home, the advantages of choosing a Wetroom are numerous. With the UK Wetroom market set to grow by 34% in the next 5 years, here's why you should consider a Wetroom for your home.

1.Great for small spaces

If you only have a small space, a Wetroom can be a great option to open up the area and avoid bulky shower enclosures. It can also be beneficial for unusual shaped bathrooms, where a cubicle or bath might not fit.

2. Accessibility ​

Recently, as the number of people with mobility issues has risen, so has the need for wet rooms. Although not always designed with this in mind, wet rooms are particularly good for those whose movement is restricted, such as the elderly or disabled. There is no need for a shower tray making access to the shower much easier. The simple principle of being able to walk straight into your showering area without having to climb over a shower tray and shut a door behind you is popular with most other people too. Check out our Wetroom bases specially for mobility needs: https://www.wetrooms-online.com/wet-rooms-online-store/disabled-mobility-showering/wet-room-trays-suitable-for-vinyl-flooring

3. Easier to clean

As a Wetroom is completely waterproof and there are generally less components, you can easily keep splashes at bay and clean by just wiping down. If installed correctly, it will last much longer than a standard bathroom. Chose the low maintence option.

4. Add Value to your home

A Wetroom can create a sleek and contemporary space that has an open plan feel. It is associated with a modern home and Estate agents recently reported that a Wetroom can create a premium of up to £10,000! Wetrooms are in fashion for the future. 

Needless to say- get your kit here today and and start building your new Wetroom! 

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