Wet Room Shower Screens & Enclosures

Shower screens are an integral part of most wet rooms, containing the shower spray within a specified section and thus preventing the rest of the room from getting wet. While the wet room floor is highly likely to be fully covered by a waterproofing membrane or coating and thus water seepage is not an issue, you do not want water from the shower to stray onto other fittings or fixtures such as bathroom cabinets or even to soak your towels before you use them.

A wet room shower screen will help prevent this from happening. Shower screens are made more essential with the use of today’s modern high powered showers which can deliver great amounts of water at high pressure.

Shower screens for use in wet rooms and walk in showers roughly fall into three categories:

Wet Room Shower Screen / Panel:

A single wet room glass panel that can be either attached to the wall (as shown in the left image) using a wall channel or can be used to create an open ‘walk through’ (or linear) showering area (as shown in the right image) with the use of two bracing bars.

Wet Room Shower Screen with Return Panel

A wet room showrer screen panel can be complimented by a shorter panel at a right angel to the main panel (to form an ‘L’ shape) known as a ‘return’. Typically 300mm in length the return further helps to contain the shower spray. On selected screens the return panel can be hinged allowing it to pivot for easier access to the showering area.  A walk through or linear configuration would require two returns, one either side of the main panel.

Walk in Enclosure:

Walk in Enclosure is formed using at least two panels of glass screens, a side panel and an end panel. A gap is left for access. The side panel can also be fitted with a smaller return panel. Contrary to its name a walk in enclosure is not fully enclosed as there is no door and normally the panels do not reach the ceiling.

A bespoke enlosure can be created by purchasing seperate shower screen panels from the same range.

Please note that when shopping for a walk in enclosure that some enclosures are sold as separate panels.

About Our Wet room shower screens:

About Our Wet room Shower Screens

At Wetrooms Online we only sell toughened (safety) shower glass from some of the leading manufacturers. All the glass conforms to British and European safety standards and is at least 6mm thick.

Selected panels and walk in enclosures are finished with a special coating, as standard, to aid cleaning. For other panels and enclosures this may be offered as an optional extra. If applied as standard or available as an optional extra it will be indicated in the product description.

Please refer to individual listings for exact dimensions and fittings included etc.